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Usability issues on a payment form

2009-03-03 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Usability, Web - 0 Comments
I know, I know, it is easy to nitpick on other people design, but this morning I tried to pay my phone bill online, and... failed. I had to retry many times, because I kept making mistakes on a simple, run of the mill form to enter my credit card data. I was dumbfounded. How can, in 2009, people man... read more ...

Google is not only not evil, it is also human

2009-02-02 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Tech - 0 Comments
As most of you must know by now, Google http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/01/this site may harm your computer on.html suffered an outage on Jan 31, 2009 that was caused by a simple mistake: the search Goliath depended for its results on a small http://stopbadware.org/ David but didnt prope... read more ...

Scansreader new page

2009-01-18 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Site, Software, Scansreader - 0 Comments
Scansreader is a small, fast and efficient linux comics book reader written in C. I have now migrated its home page on this site, from its legacy place. read more ...

The rise of the Foswiki: behold Foswiki 1.0.0 !

2009-01-09 by ColasNahaboo in Koala - 0 Comments
Today, we celebrate the first release of Foswiki. It is quite exhilarating, as since the TWiki community was kicked out brutally by the founder Peter Thoeny in Oct 2008, it has been an hectic ride to get this release out of the door. I must say that this experience has been quite enlightening for me... read more ...

Tracking changes via RSS, GTD style

2008-12-08 by ColasNahaboo in Koala - 0 Comments
This is the kind of hacks I really like doing: examining a problem and try to find a simple solution by reasoning by analogy with the real world. This time, it was how to help developers of foswiki to keep track of changes in twiki. The metaphor chosen was the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, with ... read more ...

TWiki forks

2008-10-28 by ColasNahaboo in Koala - 0 Comments
Well, it has finally happened, the dual faced Janus what makes both the beauty of Open Source projects, and its Dark side, have come to visit the http://twiki.org twiki Project. The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forked Fork is here! Strangely this time, it is the project founder, Peter Thoeny... read more ...

What is good code?

2008-10-22 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Programming, Usability - 0 Comments
I stumbled upon the blog post "Is it important to write good code?" the other day, and became more and more ill at ease as I realized that I thought that I preferred the original code, that the author was trying to ridicule, over his new "improved" object oriented version. At first I guessed this wa... read more ...

Irclogger new page, and release 1.14b

2008-10-11 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Site, Software, Irclogger - 0 Comments
http://colas.nahaboo.net/Software/IrcLogger irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers to provide a web log of what is said. It aims to provide a simple, fast, efficient and web compliant service. It is quite robust and mature, having be in daily heavy use for per... read more ...

Mercurial web templating

2008-10-09 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Linux, Tech - 0 Comments
For some time now, I have seen the light and I switched to the new wave of the Distributed Source Control management systems. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XpnKHJAok8 Linus famous video of his Google talk decided me to try. I was a bit apprehensive at first, wary of engaging myself on a techno... read more ...

Windsurfing: back to the roots

2008-10-05 by ColasNahaboo in Koala - 0 Comments
I am an avid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsurfing windsurfer , or maybe I was. The sport is now mature (I have started in ... 1975), and have somewhat lost the excitement we enjoyed before as the state of the art was constantly progressing, but have stagnated for some years now. It even kind ... read more ...

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