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Gaming in Linux

Gaming in linux, once a fantasy, is now a reality. Apart native linux games that require no explanation, and running Windows ones in Virtual Machines that can have poor performance, and require running a Microsoft OS with all the associated housekeeping, running Windows games under the http://www.winehq.org/ Wine Windows emulation gives you the best combination: lots of games, high performance, no hassles with viruses, updates.. But it can be still a bit tricky to install.

Actually, due to the abysmal http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=681&num=2 lack of performance of Windows Vista for games, Linux (or MacOS) may be the most logical upgrade path from Windows XP.

Here are the advice I can offer from my experience

Wine Windows emulation


Specific games hints:

Games that I was able to run in wine without problems: http://www.audio-surf.com/ audiosurf, http://www.everydayshooter.com/ everyday shooter, http://www.trackmania.com/en/ trackmania nations forever http://www.worldofgoo.com/ World of GOO ...

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