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The extinction of the Windowsaurs

2008-10-17 by ColasNahaboo in BlogDrafts linux supports more device.html Windows is well adapted to the PC environment and efficient for gaming....

Why so ugly?

2008-10-16 by ColasNahaboo in BlogDrafts
Dear reader, you may be surprised by the colors choice on this web site and blog, especially when the fashion favors white backgrounds and blue colors. Well, I deliberately chose to go the ugly way to stress the difference I make between Usability and Desi...

VPS Hosting

2008-09-29 by ColasNahaboo in BlogDrafts
I looked around a lot, and my conclusion was that the best linux VPS hosters were linode, slicehost, and gandi (now that they are out of beta). I have currently an account on each to test them. Each has its pros and cons, choose accordingly to your needs, ...

Gaming in linux

2008-09-18 by ColasNahaboo in BlogDrafts
Gaming in linux
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