Irclogger 1.14c

2008-10-15 by ColasNahaboo in Site, Software, Irclogger irclogger has a new release, that bring a feature requested for a long time: in the html view, have a mode to see only the lines containing an url. This mode is carried on when going to previous and next days. "Zooming" in on the line is done as usual by clicking on the time a the right, which brings you to the line in its context.

Note that there is a manual step involved in the upgrade. You need to clear the cache that irclogger builds under the identitity of the web server.
  • If you can be root, just do as root a rm -rf /tmp/.irclogger_logs_cache
  • Otherwise, you must go to all BIN dirs of the install (the dirs where you find the files irclogger.conf)
    and in it do a ln -sf /usr/local/irclogger/irclogger_clearcache .
    Then call the URLs of all irclogger_clearcache you installed.

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