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A fix for scanbuttond crash

2008-10-17 by ColasNahaboo in Site, Linux, Software - 0 Comments
I use scanbuttond v0.2.3, a nice linux daemon to trigger actions (shell scripts) on presses on scanner buttons, but after a motherboard upgrade, if failed with a "Segmentation Violation". The fix was a single line patch, that you can see (and other details) at... read more ...

Mercurial web templating

2008-10-09 by ColasNahaboo in Koala, Linux, Tech - 0 Comments
For some time now, I have seen the light and I switched to the new wave of the Distributed Source Control management systems. Linus famous video of his Google talk decided me to try. I was a bit apprehensive at first, wary of engaging myself on a techno... read more ...

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