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Gaming in Linux Gaming in linux, once a fantasy, is now a reality. Apart native linux games that require no explanation, and running Windows ones in Virtual Machi...
Customizing the style of a HG / mercurial web repository If you use the hgwebdir.cgi system to provide a web view of your mercurial repository, to customize the s...
LDAP TWiki authentication Principles This is how we use LDAP auth with TWiki (Cairo) with Microsoft Active Directory * We make TWiki use standard apache basic...
Parsing options in bash shell scripts Here is the way I parse options in my bash shell scripts # Script usage USAGE="${0##*/}"' options arguments ... This is th...
Patch for scanbuttond I use scanbuttond v0.2.3, a nice linux daemon to trigger actions (shell scripts) on presses on scann...
SPORE in linux Spore works quite well, starting with Wine 1.1.5 (2008 09 20) (which fixes some graphical glitches and network issues) If you experience crashes, y...
Team Fortress 2 in Linux Team Fortress 2 works quite well under wine.For me it even works better than on windows, as it offers many more resolution choices, which...
Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne It works quite nicely, but be careful however of: * use opengl with the opengl switch, otherwise it may be slow. * be su...
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Wine general tricks * On Ubuntu / Debian, best is to deb use the Wine HQ repository to have the latest versions, or bet...
World of Warcraft under Wine World of Warcraft works perfectly under Wine. See for help the numerous web ressources on how to make WoW run under Wine, for instanc...
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