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Reparing a broken leash on the water

Published 2020-12-28, tags: Surf, SUP, english
I have found a simple to do and easy to remember method to repair a broken leash cord on the water. Just grab the broken bits parallel in the hand and do a *simple ...

Réparer une corde de leash cassée sur l'eau French flag

Published 2020-12-28, tags: Surf, SUP, french
Bon ce matin, je me suis pris une des bonnes séries bien tubantes sur la tête, celles qui vous envoient au fond, et... leash coupé par les dérives... La planche a ...

A New version of the site for 2021

Published 2020-12-27, tags: Code, Web, Site, Blog, english
A big change is planned for this site in 2021: I am going to abandon the Foswiki engine for it, to pursue my recent goal of going back to the web roots. Basically, i...

A New Version of the site for 2020

Published 2020-07-26, tags: Code, Web, Site, Blog, english, front, wiki
After 10 years of neglect, it is time for a new start of this site, because: I am going to retire in early 2021 (in 6 months), and I will have now time to properly...

A Software Giant

Published 2020-07-26, updated 2020-12-12, tags: Main, english
Although you can guess easily who is my current employer, and I am proud of it,I will not explicitely mention it by name on this site to stress that the contents you...

About this site

Published 2020-07-26, updated 2020-12-11, tags: Main, english
Well, this is what you would expect of a personal site. Basically, it is a place to show the world what I did, I do, and I want to do. And maybe, if I ever develop s...

Privacy Policy for

Published 2020-07-26, updated 2020-12-12, tags: Main, english
At, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of in...

Tags Definitions

Published 2020-07-26, updated 2020-12-12, tags: Main, english
Categories: (hierarchical, capitalized) * Surfing, Windsurfing, Snowboarding, Kiteboarding, ... * Stand Up Paddling, specifically. * Windsurf...

Le bord de fuite Donaldson, la fin des sifflement des foils et dérives! French flag

Published 2020-07-26, updated 2020-12-14, tags: Surf, SUP, french
Je suis enfin tombé sur une vidéo de Mario Legenstein, de chez Levitaz, qui explique en détail la méthode et les principes pour supprimer le sifflement. En Anglais, ...

The Donaldson trailing edge, no more fin hum!

Published 2020-07-07, updated 2020-12-14, tags: Surf, SUP, english
At last, I have found a good video explaining how to suppress the vibration of fins and foils, and giving the name of this technique : the Donaldson trailing edge, d...

Irclogger 1.16c released

Published 2018-01-16, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, front, english
A new minor version of IrcLogger (/Code/IrcLogger), 1.16c is out. New option `cachepages=on` to cache individual pages for each day. Default is still only to ca...

Migration to Foswiki

Published 2015-10-18, tags: Site, Blog, english, front, Web, Code
At last, I found the motivation to work again on this site that I have left dormant since 2009. And I start with a long deserved migration of the engine from the old...

Irclogger 1.16b released

Published 2014-12-08, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A new minor version of IrcLogger (Code.IrcLogger), 1.16b is out. The case sensitive option was bugged. Found fixed by Christopher Foo Searches are now timeout...

Irclogger 1.16a released

Published 2014-11-30, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A new minor version of irclogger, 1.16a is out. It only fixes minor issues: * Fix provided by Christopher Foo, irclogger was confused when users typed a backslash...

Irclogger 1.15a released

Published 2009-03-14, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A new release of Code.IrcLogger, 1.15a is out, to solve a minor irritating problem: In the html view, URLs in the IRC log text are detected and rendered as proper ht...

Usability issues on a payment form

Published 2009-03-03, tags: Usability, Web, Blog, Code, english
I know, I know, it is easy to nitpick on other people design, but this morning I tried to pay my phone bill online, and... failed. I had to retry many times, because...

Irclogger 1.14f released

Published 2009-02-01, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A bugfix release of Code.IrcLogger to fix style bugs in the search results found by Will Norris, and renaming the "twiki" syntax into a more implementation neutral "...

Scansreader new page

Published 2009-01-18, tags: Code, Software, Scansreader, front, english
Scansreader is a small, fast and efficient linux comics book reader written in C. I have now migrated its home page on this site, from its legacy place.

Rsync-incr 1.7 released

Published 2009-01-09, tags: Software, Rsyncincr, Code, Blog, english
Rsync incr has been updated to version 1.7. It is a small bugfix version for a bug that could happen if you started it, and restarted another in the same minute. A m...

Irclogger 1.14e

Published 2008-11-08, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A small enhancement: in the logs list, we only count actual text lines, no more control messages (the ones with "***" in the name field) See Code.IrcLogger Example. ...

What is good code?

Published 2008-10-22, tags: Code, Programming, Usability, Blog, english
I stumbled upon the blog post "Is it important to write good code?" the other day, and became more and more ill at ease as I realized that I thought that I preferred...

Irclogger 1.14d

Published 2008-10-16, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
Just a mini release for Code.IrcLogger, tweaking a bit the interface in html view of the logs.

Irclogger 1.14c

Published 2008-10-15, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
/Code/IrcLogger irclogger has a new release, that bring a feature requested for a long time: in the html view, have a mode to see only the lines containing an url....

Irclogger new page, and release 1.14b

Published 2008-10-11, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, front, english
/Code/IrcLogger irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers to provide a web log of what is said. It aims to provide a simple, fas...

Mercurial web templating

Published 2008-10-09, tags: Code, Linux, Blog, english
For some time now, I have seen the light and I switched to the new wave of the Distributed Source Control management systems. Linus famous video of his Google talk d...
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