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RSS Feeds for this site

Click on the icons to subscribe to a feed:
  • feed All the interesting changes on this site. Actually, I make a blog post for all changes so this is just the feed of all the posts in my blog. I use my blog for 2 uses, and you can subscribe to all or only one its 2 main categories below, Koala and Site. Note that the All feed is just the sum of the Koala and Site feeds.
    • feed Koala is the more traditional blog posts, where I try to develop ideas, comment on some web news, of just randomly rant. These are the posts you can see in the box "Blog posts" on the right column on the front page, and that I see worth "publishing" widely. It is named Koala as it is the feed I publish in the Koala Planet.
    • feed Site is the rest of the posts, that are just announcements that something has happened somewhere on the site, prompting you to go read it. These are the posts you can see in the box "Site news" on the right column on the front page. I make such a post to point to any significant change in the site, be it a new page, or a new revision of a software, but not for minor typos and corrections: for these you have the "Recent changes" on on the home page.
    • And, of course all the RSS feeds of the other blog categories that you can see in in the left column of the Blog.

The RSS feed icons in your browser address bar gives you access to the All and Koala feeds. There is also a "RSS Feed" link as a grey link in the footer, but this list all the pages changes in the current "web" (a folder in TWiki parlance), so unless you really want to be warned of all my typo correction, you do not want to use them.

Note that comments of a page have also their own RSS feed each. There is not yet a global feed for all the comments. Contact me if you want such a feature.

Once on a page, to have a high-level summary of what has changed, use the "History" link at the bottom of the page.

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