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About this site

Well, this is what you would expect of a personal site. Basically, it is a place to show the world what I did, I do, and I want to do. And maybe, if I ever develop some missing writing skills, I will be able to convey what I was, I am, and want to be...

I only started to fully develop this site in 2008, as I was not confortable with the (what I saw as) selfish "personal web/blog" method of communcation, prefering communities like the usenet news, mailing lists, forums, wikis. This explains the small number of pages on it, but I hope it will change.

About Me

I am French, and grew up in Saint Raphaël, a nice little town on the French riviera. I loved physics, and started engineering studies when I had in 1977 the first revelation what changed my life, computers in the form of... an electronic calculator, the TI-57. Since then, I have been hooked on everything computer-related.

I will detail this later, but I after my engineering degree, I made a PHD thesis in computer science (I designed and implemented LEDA, a syntaxic editor build from a special graphic toolkit I designed on top of LeLisp) at INRIA Sophia Antipolis - still on the French Riviera -, then, as a researcher in user interface technlogy at Bull, a lisp-like language Wool, an X window manager based on it GWM, and many "bleeding edge" things in the brillant X Window Systems community. I also had other revelations in the form of Unix and the GNU manifesto. Our small Koala team eagerly explored the new software technologies, the web, java... We instantly drew close bounds to the W3C and did a lot of things web-related. I went then to work at ILOG an innovative French software company, where I worked on graphics and business rules, before designing an innovative intranet - based on wikis - and inventing and developing the usability team after being granted my latest revelation, the Usability. Now, at the dawn on 2009, I am joining ASoftwareGiant, who bought ILOG, where my adventures will go on...

Besides that, I have a beloved wife, 2 adorable daugthers, 4 cats, 9 computers in my home network, and as many surfboards and windsurfboards that can fit in my van... howether they are phased out quickly to make room for my newfound love, Stand up paddle surfing

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