About Me: Welcome to my old Hacker/Surfer lair, sharing personal code and musings.

Bash lessons learned with AoC 2021

Published 2022-01-11, tags: Code, Linux, bash, english
I completed all the exercises of the Advent of Code 2021 in bash! (see my previ...

Moving to Github

Published 2021-12-10, tags: Code, english, front
*Warning:* I will move all the sources I maintained on my own mercurial web in...

Advent of Code 2021

Published 2021-12-07, tags: Code, bash, english, front
I just discovered the Advent of code ( coding challen...

Irclogger 1.17 released

Published 2021-10-21, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english, front
A new major version of IrcLogger (/Code/IrcLogger), 1.17 is out. Now the pyth...
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Reparing a broken leash on the water

Published 2020-12-28, tags: Surf, SUP, english
I have found a simple to do and easy to remember method to repair a broken leash...

Réparer une corde de leash cassée sur l'eau French flag

Published 2020-12-28, tags: Surf, SUP, french
Bon ce matin, je me suis pris une des bonnes séries bien tubantes sur la tête, ...

Le bord de fuite Donaldson, la fin des sifflement des foils et dérives! French flag

Published 2020-07-26, updated 2020-12-14, tags: Surf, SUP, french
Je suis enfin tombé sur une vidéo de Mario Legenstein, de chez Levitaz, qui expl...

The Donaldson trailing edge, no more fin hum!

Published 2020-07-07, updated 2020-12-14, tags: Surf, SUP, english
At last, I have found a good video explaining how to suppress the vibration of f...
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Pinboard pricing model

Published 2021-03-01, tags: Web, Code, english, Blog
I am a knowledge addict, and always has been. I was reading as many books as pos...

Retired, at last!

Published 2021-02-25, updated 2021-03-01, tags: Blog, Games, english, front
At last, I am now retired! I ceased all activity on 2021 02 17, and my work acco...

A New version of the site for 2021

Published 2020-12-27, tags: Code, Web, Site, Blog, english
A big change is planned for this site in 2021: I am going to abandon the Foswiki...

A New Version of the site for 2020

Published 2020-07-26, tags: Code, Web, Site, Blog, english, front, wiki
After 10 years of neglect, it is time for a new start of this site, because: I...
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