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About Me: An old Hacker/Surfer sharing personal code and musings.

Irclogger 1.16c released

Published 2018-01-16, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, front
A new minor version of Code.IrcLogger, 1.16c is out. * New option cachepages=...

Irclogger 1.16b released

Published 2014-12-08, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger
A new minor version of Code.IrcLogger, 1.16b is out. * The case sensitive op...

Irclogger 1.16a released

Published 2014-11-30, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger
A new minor version of irclogger, 1.16a is out. It only fixes minor issues: *...

Irclogger 1.15a released

Published 2009-03-14, tags: Code, Software, Irclogger
A new release of Code.IrcLogger, 1.15a is out, to solve a minor irritating probl...
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The Donaldson trailing edge - No more fin hum!

Published 2020-07-07, tags: Surf, SUP, french
No more humming foils and fins! At last, I have found a good video explaining ho...

Windsurfing: back to the roots

Published 2008-10-05, tags: Surf, Wind
I am an avid windsurfer, or maybe I was. The sport is now mature (I have started...

A New Version of the Site for 2020

Published 2020-07-26, tags: Code, Web, Blog, front, wiki
After 10 years of neglect, it is time for a new start of this site, because: ...

Migration to Foswiki

Published 2015-10-18, tags: front, Blog
At last, I found the motivation to work again on this site that I have left dorm...

Usability issues on a payment form

Published 2009-03-03, tags: Usability, Web, Blog, Code
I know, I know, it is easy to nitpick on other people design, but this morning I...

Google is not only not evil, it is also human

Published 2009-02-02, tags: Blog
As most of you must know by now, Google suffered an outage on Jan 31, 2009 that ...
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