Recent changes in Code

Suntimes, a small shell utility

Published 2022-03-03 , tags: Code, bash, go, Software, english, front
I just made a small command line utility to display the sunrise and sunset times at a location. It can be quite useful in shell scripts. It is a minimal Go wrappe...

Completed the 2015 Advent of Code challenge in GO

Published 2022-02-24, updated 2022-02-25 , tags: Code, Programming, go, english, front
And I completed the 2015 challenge! (see my previous post). You can read my notes on it on my GitHub. This was quite interesting, and I thing a great way to learn...

Starting the 2015 Advent of Code challenge in GO

Published 2022-02-09 , tags: Code, Programming, go, english
I discovered the advent of code in 2021, and did it in bash for the challenge. But since I started learning GO, I decided to code the previous AoC years in GO as ...

My bash library on Github

Published 2022-02-05 , tags: Code, Programming, bash, Software, english
I have started to publish on Github, at colas bash lib, my collection of various bash functions I reuse often in my bash scripts. Fell free to copy and use in any...

Bash lessons learned with AoC 2021

Published 2022-01-11 , tags: Code, Linux, bash, english
I completed all the exercises of the Advent of Code 2021 in bash! (see my previous post) You can find my solutions with comments in my GitHub repository at https:...


Legacy 2021-12-13 , tags: Code, Software, Scansreader, english
Scansreader info have been moved to GitHub:

sympa-archives-expire script

Legacy 2009-03-14, updated 2021-12-12 , tags: Code, english
This legacy script as been moved as sympa archives expire on archive list

Moving to Github

Published 2021-12-10 , tags: Code, english, front
Warning: I will move all the sources I maintained on my own mercurial web instance in to my GitHub repositories:

Advent of Code 2021

Published 2021-12-07 , tags: Code, bash, english, front
I just discovered the Advent of code coding challenge. It exists since 2015, and seems really interesting in that it is language agnostic. Each day a problem is d...

Irclogger 1.17 released

Published 2021-10-21 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english, front
A new major version of IrcLogger, 1.17 is out. Now the python scripts explicitely require the python2 executable, not merely python, as it has been deprecated in ...

Irclogger 1.16c released

Published 2018-01-16 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, front, english
A new minor version of IrcLogger, 1.16c is out. New option cachepages=on to cache individual pages for each day. Default is still only to cache the listings of al...

Irclogger 1.16b released

Published 2014-12-08 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A new minor version of IrcLogger, 1.16b is out. The case sensitive option was bugged. Found fixed by Christopher Foo Searches are now timeouted, that is aborted...

Irclogger 1.16a released

Published 2014-11-30 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A new minor version of irclogger, 1.16a is out. It only fixes minor issues: * Fix provided by Christopher Foo, irclogger was confused when users typed a backsl...

Irclogger 1.16 released

Legacy 2010-04-29 , tags: Software, Irclogger, Code, english
A new release of Code.IrcLogger, 1.16 is out, to solve a problem that appear recently: On restarting after a disconnection Irclogger would connect then disconnect...

Irclogger 1.15a released

Published 2009-03-14 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A new release of Code.IrcLogger, 1.15a is out, to solve a minor irritating problem: In the html view, URLs in the IRC log text are detected and rendered as proper...

Irclogger 1.15 released

Legacy 2009-02-17 , tags: Software, Irclogger, Code, english
A new release of Code.IrcLogger to add the functionality to be able to connect to IRC servers protected by a password. No need to upgrade if you connect to passwo...

Irclogger 1.14f released

Published 2009-02-01 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A bugfix release of Code.IrcLogger to fix style bugs in the search results found by Will Norris, and renaming the "twiki" syntax into a more implementation neutra...

Scansreader new page

Published 2009-01-18 , tags: Code, Software, Scansreader, front, english
Scansreader is a small, fast and efficient linux comics book reader written in C. I have now migrated its home page on this site, from its legacy place.

Foswiki rss feed to Tasks

Legacy 2008-12-20 , tags: Code, english
This (legacy) page and code have been moved to

The Koala pattern skin customization

Legacy 2008-12-20 , tags: Code, Main, wiki, english
The pattern skin was the nice, customizable standard skin of foswiki. Its customization however, is geared towards non power users, as it relies on editing wiki t...

My work on TWiki

Legacy 2008-12-20 , tags: Code, english, wiki
My work on TWiki I discovered the wiki concept in 2000, and quickly decided that this was the future of the web site building tools, after many attempts at trying...

Enhancements to the Vote Plugin

Legacy 2008-11-17 , tags: Code, english, wiki
I temporarily maintain these in my HG Repository for the VotePlugin till I can incorporate them into the Foswiki distribution. I added: * A way to refer to vot...

Irclogger 1.14e

Published 2008-11-08 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
A small enhancement: in the logs list, we only count actual text lines, no more control messages (the ones with "***" in the name field) See Code.IrcLogger Exampl...

Irclogger 1.14d

Published 2008-10-16 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
Just a mini release for Code.IrcLogger, tweaking a bit the interface in html view of the logs.

Irclogger 1.14c

Published 2008-10-15 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, english
/Code/IrcLogger irclogger has a new release, that bring a feature requested for a long time: in the html view, have a mode to see only the lines containing an u...

Irclogger new page, and release 1.14b

Published 2008-10-11 , tags: Code, Software, Irclogger, front, english
/Code/IrcLogger irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers to provide a web log of what is said. It aims to provide a simple, ...

TWiki Freetown Work

Legacy 2008-01-26, updated 2008-09-25 , tags: Code, wiki, english
TWiki misc work on Freetown Freetown is the nickname of the 4.2 version of TWiki. I am currently working in 2008 on: * Shorter URL support, to complete the sup...

My version of PHPgraphy

Legacy 2008-08-16, updated 2008-08-18 , tags: Code, Web, Software, english
For my photo galleries on the web, I decided to use the very nice phpgraphy system, as it is simple, fast, reliable, and scalable (along with singapore and jalbum...

Hgweb Mercurial template customization

Published 2008-04-06 , tags: Code, Web, english
Customizing the style of a HG / mercurial web repository If you use the hgwebdir.cgi system to provide a web view of your mercurial repository, to customize the s...