Irclogger 1.15a released

A new release of IrcLogger, 1.15a is out, to solve a minor irritating problem: In the html view, URLs in the IRC log text are detected and rendered as proper html links, but as legal characters in URLs include dots, comma, and parenthesis, it was often including the text punctuation after the url as part of it, sending users to nonexisting pages. With 1.1.5a we properly detect and exclude this ending punctuation. However, for this I had to use specific features of the GNU sed, so it will need the GNU sed, such as the one in use on Linux. (I could recode it with perl if this is a problem, but all unix lovers should use the GNU utilities anyways :-).

E.g, writing in IRC: You could look at, or (both refer to was generating 3 bad HTML links.

Since the python code is not modified, you do not have to restart the daemon, upgrading is recommended as it is a simple unarchiving in place.

See IrcLogger