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Keeping track of upstream changes: The Foswiki way via RSS

  • The problem: Foswiki is a fork of TWiki (for the history of this fork, see TWiki forks), and needs to keep track of changes in the upstream (aka twiki) world, but not in an automated way, as the 2 projects have different principles, and may want to implement differently some changes.
  • The solution: use a semi-automated approach:
    • Monitor all changes to the place where all changes to the code are discussed upstream, the Bugs web of the Development site of TWiki, via its RSS feed
    • for each new item in this feed, create a Task Item in a specialized "web" (aka "Folder", "Space") of foswiki, its Input web
    • try to put automatically in this item as much useful information as possible:links to the original Bug report on TWiki, possible related existing Tasks in the foswiki Tasks web (by searching for the bug item name), existing Input items on the same upstream bug report
    • have humans then examine the items and decide what to do, closing the item once the decision is made (but not necessarily acted upon yet), possibly creating or updating a proper Tasks entry for this.
This is based on the famous productivity method, Getting Things Done (aka: GTD) from David Allen, and more specifically, on its concept of Input buckets, so to follow the method, you should go through the foswiki Input web and process and close each item in less than 2 minutes.

The script sources are in my FoswikiInput Mercurial repository

It is run by a hourly cron job by apache (user "www"):
57 * * * * cd $WEBSITE/data/Input && /usr/local/bin/input-feed-from-twikibugs

-- Colas Nahaboo - 2008-12-08


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