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Wine general tricks

Running on a separate X server

Running in a separate X server often allows to get a bit more performance, and you also avoid problems with the window manager stealing some keys, for instance in some games the Alt key do not work anymore as it is grabbed by the window manager. This is done simply by the following script:

# on which display to run? 1 to 9 export
# supress debug mssages, for added performance
export WINEDEBUG=-all
# Optional: a special X config file for specific options or resolutions
# file in /etc/X11, a copy of xorg.conf with some changes
CONFIG='-config xorg-1440.conf'
# we run the X server on D, -ac making it quit after game is run
X :$D -ac -terminate -$CONFIG &
sleep 2 # wait a bit for it to be ready
# we run our game via wine now, alone on this server
wine THE-GAME-TO-RUN.exe options...

Running in windowed mode

Add as options to wine: explorer /desktop=Name,1024x768 replacing "Name" by the title you want to give to the window, and use the resolution you want, of course

-- Colas Nahaboo - 2008-08-15